The Best Epilators in 2022 (2024)

Epilators are convenient and consistent hair removal devices that have been around for a few decades now. They are really useful for maintaining smooth, even, and very attractive hairless skin, but can sometimes be a bother to shop for. There are many different kinds of epilators available, each of them equipped with different kinds of accessories for different situations and applications. To get the best, you need to choose a model that will be most suitable for the area of skin you plan to epilate.
Below, we’ve listed some of the crucial things you need to think about to help you choose an epilator that is exactly what you need.

What Should I Consider When Buying Epilators?

Here are some of the features you'll need to examine to ensure you select the best epilator for your needs.

The number of tweezers

Tweezer-type epilators are the most common type of epilators. These epilators usually feature a number of tweezers that it utilizes to grip and remove the unwanted hair from your skin. Epilators with more tweezers are typically more efficient. Typically, the least amount of tweezers you'll come across in any of these devices is 3— but the numbers range from that to up to 72 in certain tweezers.

Epilators with a greater number of tweezers usually tend to be more expensive. The more tweezers an epilator features the easier it will be to use, and the less time it will consume during hair removal.

Speed setting

Epilating various regions of your skin requires different speed levels. This is why the speed setting is another important feature you should always check out before buying an epilator. For example, the skin on your thighs and arms would require a higher speed setting for fast epilating, different from the skin of your underarms and bikini area which require a lower speed. A lot of modern epilator models give you the ability to choose between three different speed setting levels. Whilst shopping ensure that you check your epilator for this speed feature before purchasing it.


Modern epilators oftentimes come with certain attachments that play different roles during epilating. These attachments help or assist the process of epilating and usually by functioning in conjunction with the device to make the process a lot more efficient and less painful. For example, An ‘epilator cap’ is an attachment that comes along with epilators to help reduce the pain while epilating. Other types of attachments you may come across in your epilator packages include foot massagers, shaver heads, tweezer heads, extra tweezers with a narrow head, trimmer head, facial caps, pedicure buffer, or massage rollers.

Dry or wet epilators

Tweezer-type epilators usually come in two types: the dry epilator and the wet epilator. Dry epilators are great on dry skin whereas and may not do well moisture. Wet epilators, on the other hand, are great for both dry and wet skin and are generally more expensive. They are also great for people with sensitive skin and can be used while showering. This is because using the epilator under the water opens your pores and makes epilating quite straightforward.

Corded vs cordless

Wet epilators are usually cordless and battery operated as they are mostly used under the water or shower. Dry epilators on the other hand tend to come in both forms— corded and cordless. Cordless epilators afford you a lot of freedom during hair removal and can be easily moved all over the body without any obstacles. On the other hand, corded epilators are a bit rigid and cannot be moved as freely.

If the epilator you opt for is battery operated, ensure that you check the model’s battery capacity to confirm that it can operate for the time you need to epilate properly.


This is another major feature you need to consider before making a purchase. Some models of epilator tend to be quite noisy and are usually best avoided especially if you are a noise-sensitive person. If this is you; try to spend some time perusing multiple customer reviews to confirm that you have an epilator with a tolerable noise level before buying.

Built-in light

Some epilators come with a built-in light feature as an extra perk. This is something you can watch out for as it can be really useful when epilating to see the small tiny hairs you want to remove very clearly.

Some tips for proper epilating

Epilators give you smooth skin that lasts as long as four weeks and easily helps you avoid stubble and prickly short hairs. Here are some tips to assist you to epilate effectively:

  • - To prevent ingrown hairs, always exfoliate your skin prior to epilation. You can do this a day or two prior to epilating to prevent sensitivity. Exfoliating helps remove built-up dead skin cells that are capable of trapping new hairs inside the follicle. A typical epilator should come with either an exfoliating attachment or an exfoliating glove to help you prepare your skin properly.
  • - Epilators that can be used when they are wet or dry are very handy because they allow you to remove hair while you are in the bath or shower. Doing it this way in the presence of warm water helps minimize the pain, opens up your pores, and relaxes your skin to the process.
  • - Try to ensure that you moisturize immediately after epilating. This will help nourish and soften your skin in the aftermath and also soothe any inflammations or redness that may occur as a result. Try using a fragrance-free lotion that is non-comedogenic to prevent clogged pores or irritation.


Q. What is an epilator?

A. Epilators are hand-held electric devices that are designed to pull out hairs. These devices are similar to electric shavers and are designed to pull out hair from the root with rapidly rotating tweezers that grasp and yanks multiple hairs out at the same time. Since this device pulls out the hair, this usually means that you’ll experience some pain and discomfort whilst epilating. Generally, the best epilators do not cause as much pain and require little effort to remove hair from your skin successfully.

Q. Is an epilator painful to use?

A. The process of Epilating can be uncomfortable and foreign to new users who are just trying it out for a start. This is because epilating grips your hair and pulls it from the root. Usually, this feeling of discomfort lessens the more you epilate. Epilating gradually decreases your hair growth and thickness when done repeatedly over time— the frequency will lead to your hair growing back thinner down the line, making it a lot easier and less painful to remove.

Also, the amount of pain you experience depends on the area or region of your skin you are using the epilator on. Epilating your legs, for example, will be less painful than your underarms.

Q. Do epilators remove hair permanently?

A. No. Epilating is a temporary fix and its results only last for a few weeks at a time. However, epilators are great in the long because frequent and consistent epilating gradually thins your hair out and makes the hair grow back slower, thinner and sparser.

The Best Epilators in 2022 (2024)


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